Discover Khammouane

mapp-icto-khmA province waiting to be explored!

Clear-water rivers cutting through labyrinthine limestone mountains, sparse karst forests with hidden cave passages to remote villages, and minority communities still strongly observing traditional customs mark the outstanding beauty of the area.

Nearly one quarter of the province’s land comprises ‘National Protected Areas’: Phou Hin Boun, Nakai-Nam Theun, and Hin Namno. All three parks are unique with diverse, spectacular landscapes and abundant wildlife. Their remote and extensive forests are famous for being home to some of the rarest larger mammals in the world.

Green Discovery is opening a new office in Khammouane with the aim to explore and develop new and exciting trips into the protected areas of that province – without losing sight of environmentally sensitive issues. Stay in touch to find out what’s coming up new and interesting in our program! In the meantime, go trekking, kayaking and caving with us to visit the famous KONG LOR CAVE where you can float seven kilometer through the cave to the Sala Hin Boun Guest House.